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Maru Mora Villalpando



Maru Mora Villalpando left Mexico in 1996 and lived in the US since then. She is the co-founder and public face of a grassroots group La Resistencia and has denounced inhumane detention conditions at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma to the international level, calling to shutdown the place. After effective advocacy at a local, national and international level she was suddenly put in deportation proceedings in 2018. 

GRA's involvement and outcomes

GRA Director requested and obtained an urgent appeal and a communication to the US from several UN Special Procedures and a thematic public hearing before the IACHR on the Situation of immigrants rights defenders in the US.

The UN not only requested the US to avoid Maru deportation, but also provide information on the human rights conditions at the Center and corporation's involvement in running of their operations.  

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